euroADVENTURE – 1 year mark.


A year ago today I embarked on a journey that changed my life forever.

Up to that point I had been doing a lot of self-development and personal introspection. I had a real job with a design agency, I was weeks from graduation and really in the best place possible to launch out of my own bubble and into the greater world abroad.

Some of you may have heard this story but two weeks before that launch actually occurred, I was sitting at my work desk, perusing through emails when I received one from my advisor, Jasmine. My intention for that day was to “be calm and collected” and with the news I received, I couldn’t have planned it out any better.

Jasmine’s email said though I could still walk with the Spring class, I needed one more class to graduate and would have to take summer school. My heart sank, I couldn’t believe it. I felt this immediate restlessness in my chest and raising of my heart rate, I was about ready to panic when I remember my intention “calm and collected”...I took a deep breath and emailed her back thanking her for the notification and requesting an appointment the next day.

Long story short, by staying calm and collected, trusting things would be okay, believing in limitless possibilities, asking for what I wanted and following up with action and serious perseverance, I was able to turn lemons into lemonade. And by some unimaginable miracle, I very narrowly squeezed into a study abroad program for the very class I needed to graduate.


My Heart is in Prague 🙂

Welcome, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, hidden gem of Europe.

I studied International Business and the University of Economics, Prague for one incredible month and then made the decision, much to my family, friends and my own surprise to continue my journey, as a backpacker.


euroADVENTURE part I

Hitting 10 countries in 2 months. Predominately solo but with one amazing travel buddy, Rudy Marquez in the initial weeks and many incredible individuals who helped me along the way.



Each individual I connected with acted as a constellation in my Universe. The list of thank you’s is endless and I am so grateful for each of you :).

The lessons I learned, the sights I saw and the moments I experienced are (for the most part) captured in travels&adventures.


I think back to this past year, a year deemed an “explosion of self” and I think WOW and I am astonished and I am humbled and I am grateful for what has passed, what is present and what’s up ahead!

To everyone traveling this summer, enjoy it, live it, taste every single moment with every part of your being and trust that your path is lit, there is always someone to help you with directions and the greatest tool you can have to protect you is a smile on your face, a knowingness in your heart and love in your veins.

And here’s a little preview from my Backpacker’s Manifesto to get you going!


With gratitude & grace,



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